Noelle Nurmi

Noelle Nurmi - Nylon-Zine+ 70

Post by michael

July 4, 2022

Pinup Model and Artist

Noelle Nurmi is a beautiful model with a passion for vintage, pinup, and gothic styles. She’s been captured by Paige Albin in this stunning photo shoot with Dita Von Teese Lingerie. Noelle looks like a bit of a devil in this set and with her black lingerie, gloves, and whip, but she’s still absolutely gorgeous. This is definitely one of our favourite Dita Von Teese Lingerie sets. If you’re looking for some sexy lingerie inspiration, make sure to check out Noelle Nurmi’s in Nylon-Zine+70.


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Noelle Nurmi is a stunning model who has also been featured in our Nylon-Zine 64 edition. The photo set by Risto Thomas is simply incredible, with beautiful colours and sexy lingerie and stockings. Noelle looks amazing in everything she wears, and it’s definitely worth checking out the shoot if you’re a fan of great photography. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

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